I cannot say enough positive words about my experience with The Dog Wizard. Justin is simply AMAZING and the results and progress I've seen since sending my Pyrenees Mix to aggression rehab with him are truly beyond any expectations I had. I know it sounds like such a cliche… but he seriously changed my life and my relationship with my beloved pet! Having a fearful and nervous 120 lb dog can be quite the challenge, especially when she decided to express those fears by acting out aggressively. Anyone who has a dog with aggression issues understands the stress and anxiety that comes along with the daily routine of trying to avoid other dogs, men, children and many of the other random things that scare my Lucy (umbrellas, traffic cones, garbage cans and the dreaded street musician just to name a few). I have worked with so many trainers and animal behaviorists in the last 3 years to try to work through her fears with hopes of giving her some confidence and although we made some progress I was never able to control her when she did have a reaction. So I stressed out and panicked anytime we left the house or someone came over that she didn’t know or if I had to try to find someone to leave her with when I needed to go out of town. It just became a constant burden and my own anxiety level only made her reactions worse. I heard about Justin through a friend (to whom I will now be forever indebted) and decided it was worth looking into. After meeting Justin I knew that it was the right decision. Even though my dog was very fearful of him when he came over Justin knew just what to do and she was at ease in no time. The major selling point for me was that the training that Justin worked on with Lucy was able to be transferred to me to continue to work with her and reinforce on a daily basis. The weekly classes that he has are part of this and I feel like they are more for me than my dog sometimes 😉 After spending 2 weeks with Justin I got Lucy back and I have been singing his praises on daily basis. I don't even know who this dog is! In the first week this same dog that would barely even let a male pet her was curled up snuggling with them! I have heard from so many friends and neighbors that she seems so happy and that she’s like a different dog. That’s the best thing any pet owner or animal lover wants to hear about their pet.. that they are HAPPY! Lucy is still scared of a lot of things but we’re working through it and her reactions to these fears are just getting better and better every day . Thanks to Justin I now have the tools to be able to continue to work on her progress. In the last 6 weeks she has been playing with other dogs, approaching “scary men” on her own and even allowing the oh so scary child to pet her and give her treats. I can now take her on walks and not be terrified of what we’ll run into and how she will react… that’s HUGE! Like I said. I just cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Justin. His passion and love for animals is obvious and it’s hard to find someone with his knowledge and skill set with animals that also have his people skills!

Courtney Fillnow,