Mini Group Classes

Class Details


  • ON leash class
  • Small 5-7 people and dog class setting
  • Class dates and times set
  • Price is $500

What’s Included:

  • Leash
  • Food pouch
  • 5 In person class meetings
  • Virtual support between classes with videos and detailed instructions
  • Private Facebook Group to post questions and receive help between classes
  • Free Support Class every week for the life of your dog pending graduation certificate

What You Learn:

  • Heel Command (walking on loose leash)
  • Place Command (relax on a dog bed)
  • Sit Command 
  • Down Command
  • Any behavioral problems such as: jumping, barking, moderate aggression etc.

Perfect For:

  • Anyone who wants a better relationship with their dog
  • Any dog who pulls on the leash
  • Any dog that follows commands part of the time
  • Any dog that has a hard time channeling hyper energy
  • Any dog with mild - moderate aggression or leash reactivity

21 Day Puppy Challenge:

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Support Class

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