Common Behavioral Problems 

Problem Solving

Digging, jumping, barking, chewing, play biting to name a few are all behaviors that dogs do that drive owners crazy. Lack of structure and mental stimulation are the most common factors.

Leash aggression

Does your dog go nuts when he see another dog while walking on a leash? This can be incredibly frustrating and makes walking your dog a miserable experience. 

dog AgGression

It seems logical that all dogs would love other dogs, but this is not the case.  Most aggression exists in dogs for the opposite reasons most owners think.

human aggression

Nothing is more stressful than owning a dog that might bite someone.  And why do dogs act aggressive to people that are trying to be nice to them?

Rescue and Dog Rehab

It is absolutely true that rescue dogs are just as smart as any other dog.  Some rescue dogs have been through traumatic events, others were under exposed to life causing them to be over excited.

Separation Anxiety

Some owners we work with have become prisoners to their dogs, and really can not leave their home without arranging some to come stay with their dog. 


Is your dog running your house? Pulling on the leash, chewing the furniture, digging, counter surfing, kicking you out of your bed, barking non-stop?