I have always loved dogs and cats as pets, but I didn't consider working with them professionally until 2007 when I realized how miserable I was working in a corporate office as an accountant and how incredibly jealous I was of the people who worked at the dog daycare where my Eugene attended. I left my accounting career and started my own pet sitting business within months of that realization. In my over 7 years working as a Professional Pet Sitter, I had a number of clients who were fearful and/or aggressive. Some of these dogs were quite dangerous and wanted to bite any stranger who came near. I loved these dogs just like my own and saw what great and loving pets they could be, but didn't know how to help them get over their fears. This is what led me to dog training.

I graduated from the Master Trainer course at the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, earning all twelve endorsements that are offered and have continued my education since then by attending conferences and seminars given by world renowned trainers. I love what I do now! There is no better feeling than when a dog owner tells me how much happier and relaxed their dog is with training.