Justin Hall

Justin’s admiration of and fascination with all things canine has led him to work with dogs nearly his entire life. He worked his way through Georgia State University by managing a local dog daycare and training facility. Through 4 years of managing the facility, Justin’s interest in caring for dogs grew as he observed them interact in a large group setting daily. There are no better teachers of dog communication than the dogs themselves. As Justin’s knowledge and ability to communicate with dogs grew, family and friends (and friends of friends) began asking for advice about their dogs. After Justin graduated, he continued helping people with their dogs as a hobby while he worked his 9 to 5 job in downtown Atlanta. Something was missing, though, and Justin made a very tough decision to quit his stable (yet unfulfilling) job and pursue a full-time career in dog training. Soon afterwards, he attended the Dog Wizard Academy, where his knowledge and experience with dogs grew exponentially. The state-of-the-art training methods he has learned have led him to training and helping hundreds of dogs and their families. Justin’s passion for improving the relationships between dogs and their owners drives and rewards him every day. Justin’s specialties include separation anxiety, aggression, nervous/shy dogs and high-energy breeds. Justin is accompanied 24/7 by a highly motivated shepherd/terrier mix, Randy, that he adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society.


Randy was adopted from the Atlanta Humane Society when he was only 16 weeks old. Shortly after coming home Randy fell ill and was diagnosed with parvo. The Humane Society was good enough to provide treatment. But a pup as small and young as him had very little chance of making it against parvo. However, Randy survived and has made the most of his life ever since. Whether it’s perching on fire hydrants, chasing a tennis ball or retrieving a “cold beverage” from the cooler, Randy always gives 100% and has a blast doing it.

Kat Karlish

Kat has always loved dogs and cats as pets, but she didn't consider working with them professionally until 2007 when she realized how miserable she was working in a corporate office as an accountant and how incredibly jealous she was of the people who worked at the dog daycare where her dog Eugene attended. Kat left her accounting career and started her own pet sitting business within months of that realization. With over 7 years working as a Professional Pet Sitter, Kat had a number of clients who's dogs were fearful and/or aggressive. Some of these dogs were quite dangerous and wanted to bite any stranger who came near. She loved these dogs just like her own and saw what great and loving pets they could be, but didn't know how to help them get over their fears. Soon she was led to her career dog training.

Kat graduated from the Master Trainer course at the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers, earning all twelve endorsements that are offered and continues her education since then by attending conferences and seminars given by world renowned trainers. She loves what she does now and you will know that the moment you meet her! Kat Karlish "There is no better feeling than when a dog owner tells me how much happier and relaxed their dog is with training"

Anthony Todaro 

Anthony is an amazing addition to the Atlanta Dog Wizard team and is quickly making a name for him self on the team! More importantly, making strong bonds with clients and their pups. Being a strong believer in the transformative power of raising and caring for dogs, Anthony takes the connection that we form with our furry friends very seriously. Whether it is working with local dog shelters or running his own dog walking business, Anthony was no stranger to working with canines before he began his path to the Dog Wizard family. Like many trainers, his path began when became the owner of a dog (his beautiful pup, Becky) that presented needs and challenges that only a skilled trainer was fit to handle. This peaked his interest in becoming a trainer and set the course for him to meet Justin and the rest of the team. Though becoming a trainer has significantly shifted his focus from performing stand up comedy, which he did for over a decade, you might still catch him at a local comedy show from time to time. Just don’t ask him to tell you a joke!

Phil Holloway

Over the past year Phil has been the proud owner and trainer at his own location, The Richmond Dog Wizard.  While in Richmond Phil has helped many clients with their dogs and their training needs. The draw of home and family has brought Phil and his family back to their roots in Atlanta where he has the pleasure of joining the Atlanta Dog Wizard Team!

Growing up Phil had many dogs and really never found himself without a dog. After school, Phil wasn’t quite sure what career path he wants to pursue. He tried many different jobs, from landscaping to electrical, and even signing up for the Marines. Although success was happening in his different jobs, something was missing. Almost immediately, he started researching options of how to make the dream of working with dogs a reality. After investigating many different dog related careers  dog training became the draw. Phil found the The Dog Wizard and loved their model of proven success, philosophy and balance training to help dogs and their owners strengthen relationships in such a positive way. And so an awesome career as a dog trainer began and the rest is history!

Phil shares his home with his wife Amy, dog Rhea, and two cats Hercules and Athena. When Phil is not training and hanging out with dogs, you can find him behind the controller of a video game or seeking out the best restaurants in Atlanta!

Rachel Garris – Lead Office Manager

Rachel happily joined The Dog Wizard team in March of 2017! She has grown up with a love of dogs her entire life, so becoming a part of this team was an absolute dream! She and her favorite girl, Lucy, her 11 yr old rescue, handle the day-to-day logistics of the office. Their daily routine includes talking with
dogs and their people about their goals in training, scheduling appointments, and managing the office tasks. The best part of her job is being part of such a
wonderful team, and helping build positive relationships between people and their pups. In her free time, Rachel loves to play roller derby and macrame. Rachel is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time outside hiking with Lucy and her two active and energetic sons.

Amy Campbell – Office Manager

Amy has been with the Dog Wizard Office team since December 2016! Amy has a very important role with being the first point of contact for Dog Wizard clients. She helps manage the day-to-day needs, phone calls, and appointments which she does so well. Amy has a passion for helping customers at the highest level and ensuring they feel great and know that there is hope for their dog. The best part about her job is not only getting to talk with clients about their dogs but also having her rescue mutt, Winston, hang out with her all day! When she’s not helping us in the office she can be found enjoying the outdoors with Winston. We are grateful to have her on our team!

Chloe DAbrowski – Office Team

Chloe is a New York native! She began working with people with disabilities while obtaining her bachelor’s in Social Work. Throughout this journey, she noticed much of her free time was spent caring for animals, so she began a dog sitting business. She took it upon herself to volunteer and give back to the community at local animal shelters and sanctuaries in her free time. Chloe used to competitively ride horses but now just enjoys riding in her free time. Chloe discovered these experiences brought her immense happiness and consequently to shift her career toward one involving helping animals. Chloe is a proud and loyal member of our Dog Wizard family. When you talk to Chloe about your dog and the troubles you are having you will immediately feel at ease with her compassion for you and your dog! One of the best parts of her job, she gets to spend time at home with her two pups Bax and Benji.