We can't say enough about the dog training talents of Justin, and Matt. It is such a joy and a surprise, when one has a problem, and a professional says he can fix that problem - and he actually comes through and fixes it! We have the most energetic, boistrous, lovable young Golden Retriever, Henry, who was becoming a danger in our household as he constantly jumped up on guests, and wouldn't obey our commands. After 2 weeks of living with Matt, our Henry came back a new dog! He's a pleasure to live with. He stays in place when people walk in the door. He sits quietly beside me outside at the pool, while kids are swimming - even though he is desperate to join them in the pool - and he's very aware of my commands. We tried all sorts of puppy training classes, leashes, collars and treats, but nothing worked as well as Matt's marvelous training. We recommend Atlanta Dog Wizard very highly.

Eugene Cohn,