I am very impressed with the help Justin has given me with my pit/boxer mix, Lani. I contacted Justin after Lani had several instances of aggression with other dogs and I felt completely out of control. Justin not only taught me to communicate with Lani when other dogs were in her environment, but also in other day to to day situations. Lani is a unique dog in the sense that she is very anxious and shy in the outside world. It is even hard to get her out of the house to go for walks at times because the "big scary world" is so intimidating to her. While her anxiety has not disappeared over night, Justin has taught me how to communicate with her effectively so that her experiences outside are becoming more and more positive and I can feel in control when we are out of the house. I am animal trainer as well, only I work with dolphins instead of dogs. Because of my own experience I had very high expectations for the person who would be helping me with Lani. Justin has definitely passed my test. Professionally, he has a well developed understanding of dog behavior and the application of proper conditioning methods. His training really works, and Lani's behavior is proof of that. Personally, he has shown genuine interest in my dog's behavioral growth. He not only came to my house for a consultation before she "went to camp," but has also been back for check ups since she has come home. His phone is always on and he has answered my questions via text/call promptly and thoroughly. Lani and I are now communicating effectively and I feel in control when we are out of the house. She can reliably come when called, remain in a certain place until told she can move, and will sit until she is told she is done. Even with my own animal training background, I would have never been able to get Lani to the level she is now without the help of Justin!

Molly Hensien,