I have been thrilled with my experience with Justin! I have a 55 pound 3 year old lab who is a rescue dog. He has a history of abuse and is very nervous and skittish. I was unable to take him places safely as he would panic when faced with anything out of the ordinary: garbage trucks, bikers, kids in strollers, joggers, etc. He would pull excessively on the leash and was unable to sit calmly when out on restaurant patios. I took him to the park one day and two bikers came riding by at high speeds. He panicked and jumped over the pedestrian bridge that connects Piedmont Park to Park Drive. After that, I was nervous to take him anywhere outside of the house. He really did not have any self confidence. Riley is now a very different dog. I elected the two week boot camp option as I wanted to make sure he learned the commands properly the first time around. Justin uses the electronic collar method for training. I did a lot of research on this method and found lots of evidence that it is a wonderful approach for dogs with low self esteem. As Justin explains it, the collar ensures that when you give your dog a command it is consistent each time and also consistent with the way Justin would give the command. My dog is very comfortable with the collar and does not seem hurt by it at all. Riley is still scared of things and I understood going into the program that this would not change immediately. But his self confidence is growing everyday. And, more importantly, I know how to control his fear when we are out and about. Thanks to the collar and Justin's training I know how to get Riley back into a heel or a sit when he gets panicked. I have been able to take Riley everywhere! The first weekend back from the program we went running in the city, to Piedmont Park, Starbucks, brunch, and a pizza place with a patio. He does so well in new environments now that I feel I can go anywhere with him. And every time he sees Justin he is so happy, so I know he was treated really well during his doggie "boot camp". I also really like the lifetime guarantee in the event something down the road starts to bother him. I would recommend this program to anyone with a dog, but especially for someone with a nervous or scared dog.

Parul Khator,