Justin did an amazing job with my 50lb ball of energy. Before his training, my dog was cooperative only when he wanted to be. Walks were always difficult because he was constantly pulling on his leash even beyond the point of choking. There were two instances when he actually got free and ran out into the road and oncoming traffic. Luckily I live in a very dog friendly neighborhood, but it still took a good 10 minutes of enticing and calling before I was able to get him back. He is one of the friendliest dogs that you could ever meet, but that just meant that he would jump all over on anyone in sight. The day I met Justin, he introduced me to the idea of e-collar training. My biggest concern was the effect this might have on my dog's personality, but he assured me that would not change one bit. The thing that convinced me was how quickly my dog took to him and his behavior around my dog. It is obvious that Just loves dogs and is committed to training them properly with love and discipline. He kept me updated the entire time my dog was boarding with him, and the transformation the day I got him back was astonishing. Not only was he as happy as the day he left, but he was one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever seen. My relationship with him is completely different now. Not only do I trust him enough to be able to take him off leash, but I know that if I let him chase squirrels or play in yard, he will come back the instant I call. He came to me immediately and was able to walk with me in a perfect heel in the middle of the dog park even with multiple dogs coming up to him at the same time. He is still as friendly as ever with people and other dogs. People that knew him before cannot believe the difference, and strangers come up to me daily to ask me how my dog is so well behaved. Taking him to Justin was the best decision I could have made. Not only does he board them until he is satisfied with the results, but he backs it up with a lifetime of follow-ups. He has been available by phone and in person anytime I have had more questions about the training. All of the issues so far were due to me not providing clear enough instructions, as opposed to a lack of cooperation from my dog. I would recommend Justin to any dog owner.

Rohit Mittal,