I have a 1 and a half year old Irish Terrier named Sadie. We got to work with Paul in the 2 week boarding program where she stayed with him during that time at his home with his other dogs and family. I have to say I am highly impressed with the results we have gotten. Sadie was a great dog before personality wise but she just didn't understand how to behave properly and learn what is ok and not ok. Jumping up on people in public was particularly an issue. She has passed the program with Paul learning all of the commands with flying colors! I also appreciate getting the e-collar to keep as a continued training tool. Thank you so much Atlanta Dog Wizard for giving me an even better dog to enrich my life with. Highly recommended, if you are looking for the best dog trainers in the Atlanta area, these guys are it! See you guys in group healing class!

- Tony Robbins 9/6/16

Tony Robbins,