I cannot say enough good things about Justin! My husband and I adopted the sweetest puppy, Toby, and he loves all people and dogs! With that said, he constantly jumped on friends at our house (which is cute, but a problem for some of our guests)! He also was inconsistent when taking walks and would constantly wander from the sidewalk- we couldn’t even make it down our street on a walk. We opted to do the two week intensive training and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The “place” command is a dream- Toby gets positive reinforcement for showing calm behavior... he’s no longer jumps on our friends without their permission! We also love going on walks now... Toby stays right by our side and happily struts his stuff!

The confidence this brought out of our pup is life changing and we’re now comfortable bringing Toby to restaurants, breweries, stores, etc (which we never would have done before the training).

Follow his journey on Instagram: @dogfriendly_atl

- Kate Panek

My husband and I can’t say enough good things about Atlanta Dog Wizard! This entire experience has been a total game changer for us and our sweet pup. We have a 1 year old lab puppy named Lola who was unable to go for walks and to many public places due to her being super excited and always pulling on her leash. We did the 7 week at-home program and it was amazing! Our trainer was Anthony and he is the absolute best. He was always very patient and encouraging - we couldn’t ask for a better person to work with. Anthony has always been very punctual and has great communication skills. He made it a very pleasant experience and really fun for all of us. From the very first lesson we could see an immediate improvement in Lola's behavior. With each additional lesson, she just kept learning and improving. We really liked being able to take part in each lesson so my husband and I could learn, too! After completing all 7 training sessions with Anthony, she can successfully loose-leash walk all around town and is able to go to places like Piedmont Park, the Beltline, to restaurants and on hikes! She has learned “place” which has helped a great deal when friends and family enter our home… no more crazy jumping dog running to the door to greet them! Atlanta Dog Wizard and our trainer Anthony was worth every penny. As long as you are committed to learning and working with your dog, it will prove to be SO beneficial to your dog’s behavior and growth! We can't wait to continue to implement what we learned from Anthony and keep working with Lola as she takes on the Atlanta doggie social scene! =)

- Amanda Schaeffer

Our dog was a LOT to handle, incredibly sweet and loyal but would drag me around when I had her on the leash. It became an issue and started to not only hurt my shoulder, but I think it also made other people nervous that I obviously could not control my large dog! Luckily we ended up having Justin Hall train her while we were on vacation (what a double thumbs up - to come home to a well trained dog after vacation!!!) He was quick to explain that she was a very smart dog and responded incredibly well to proper training, and took the time to show us everything we needed to know. Now she "heels" with me on a walk and taking her for a stroll is a pleasure. Justin's Saturday morning classes are also so cool as a free follow up that you can drop in anytime, to brush up on commands or just to meet other people and their pups. I can now even take her off-leash for walks through the woods, something I would have never done in the past (photo proof attached!) . I've recommended Justin & Atlanta Dog Wizard to friends, and friends of friends.

- Katherine Molyson

Justin did an amazing job with my 50lb ball of energy. Before his training, my dog was cooperative only when he wanted to be. Walks were always difficult because he was constantly pulling on his leash even beyond the point of choking. There were two instances when he actually got free and ran out into the road and oncoming traffic. Luckily I live in a very dog friendly neighborhood, but it still took a good 10 minutes of enticing and calling before I was able to get him back. He is one of the friendliest dogs that you could ever meet, but that just meant that he would jump all over on anyone in sight. The day I met Justin, he introduced me to the idea of e-collar training. My biggest concern was the effect this might have on my dog's personality, but he assured me that would not change one bit. The thing that convinced me was how quickly my dog took to him and his behavior around my dog. It is obvious that Just loves dogs and is committed to training them properly with love and discipline. He kept me updated the entire time my dog was boarding with him, and the transformation the day I got him back was astonishing. Not only was he as happy as the day he left, but he was one of the most well behaved dogs I have ever seen. My relationship with him is completely different now. Not only do I trust him enough to be able to take him off leash, but I know that if I let him chase squirrels or play in yard, he will come back the instant I call. He came to me immediately and was able to walk with me in a perfect heel in the middle of the dog park even with multiple dogs coming up to him at the same time. He is still as friendly as ever with people and other dogs. People that knew him before cannot believe the difference, and strangers come up to me daily to ask me how my dog is so well behaved. Taking him to Justin was the best decision I could have made. Not only does he board them until he is satisfied with the results, but he backs it up with a lifetime of follow-ups. He has been available by phone and in person anytime I have had more questions about the training. All of the issues so far were due to me not providing clear enough instructions, as opposed to a lack of cooperation from my dog. I would recommend Justin to any dog owner.

- Rahit Mittal

Kat is absolutely AMAZING!! I highly recommend Atlanta Dog Wizard to those of you on the hunt for a solid training program - I know it’s hard to figure out who you can trust, especially if you’re a skeptic like me. This was worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

We initially wanted the training for loose leash walking, because it was such a pain (literally, my arm was ready to fall off from all the leash pulling), but what we got from the training was SO much more. I kid you not, we started to see the transformation within just the first week. There is a night and day difference (I wish you could all see what a sweet baby angel dog he is now!). Yes, you will have to practice on your own, but it’s literally SO SIMPLE.

Kat, our trainer, gave us so much more insight than just the training methods. She was even available all hours to answer questions, concerns, and make recommendations. And we asked a TON of questions.

Atlanta Dog Wizard, you’ve made me a believer. Looking forward to the meet-ups!

- Liza

JOur 1 year old hound dog, Glenn, had been struggling with major leash aggression. We couldn’t even take him outside of our apartment door without him flailing in the air like a helicopter and barking like crazy whenever he saw another person or dog. We went through three different trainers with no luck...that is until we signed up for Atlanta Dog Wizard.

This company truly lives up to their name. Our trainer, Kat, gave us the tools we needed to help Glenny have the confidence to walk outside into the world and explore it, free of leash aggression, and also free from leash pulling.

We can’t thank Atlanta Dog Wizard enough for everything. It’s amazing how Glenn has transitioned from a fearful dog that lashed out, into a dog whose confidence grows more and more every day. He is now a happy pup who is ready to explore the beautiful city of Atlanta and make new pup friends!


Julie, Dave, and Glenn

- Julie Chabot-Nanke

Seven years ago while living in Sandy Springs I picked up a business card at Wieuca Animal Hospital for Atlanta Dog Wizard. After a meet and greet and a talent display by Randy, Justin's personal pet, I handed over my baby Llewellyn Setter, Fannin, to be trained by Justin Hall, new owner of Atlanta Dog Wizard. Fast forward to 2018, my wife and I now live
in Blue Ridge, GA where I serve as the President of the Humane Society of Blue Ridge, a no kill shelter. We adopted Sadie, a Beagle-Pointer mix at 6 months old whose previous history was not known. Sadie, who was a year old, was wild and ill-mannered to say the least. We called on Justin again to please help us save Sadie and give her the good home she deserved! Justin picked up Sadie and said " I've got this," see you in two weeks. We now have a dog that is totally transformed into a dog that will heel, come, place, and sit! We are so grateful to Justin and his team for another job "well done". By no means am I trying to tell those who visit these reviews that, as President of a Humane Society, I am using my position to promote Justin's business. What my wife and I are trying to convey is the methodology used by Atlanta Dog Wizard works, and we are fortunate to have both of our babies successful graduates of Justin's program!..

- Rick Glueclerkt

Justin is beyond incredible. We're in our early 60's, with nine grandchildren, and have had dogs our entire 35+ years of marriage. In recent years, we primarily adopted adults pups but Christmas 2017 we purchased a Labradoodle puppy near Athens, GA. He's adorable and smart but full of energy. Based on travel plans, we decided on a 2 week boarded training. When we returned from our travels what an amazing transformation. Living in a small home of an inner City neighborhood, with limited yard space and a large breed dog, we needed help. Justin returned to us a well behaved, "easy," 1 year old Labradoodle. His personality is the same but he has been taught superb social behaviors. I took him to work with me on his first day back home. All of our aspirations and expectations for training were exceeded by Justin. Finally, we've decided Justin (our trainer) is a permanent member of our family. His communication, follow up, and post-training turnover were excellent. "Justin, you're amazing."

- Dana Hunt

As much as I adored our Tally, she was just too much for me to handle. She's 55 pounds of muscle and could drag me down the street like a rag doll. After two injuries and lots of stress and frustration, I called Justin. The "Take it Easy" program was worth every penny. Our walks are enjoyable for both of us now. And she comes when she's called and doesn't jump all over everyone who comes to visit. She's Tally, only better! A million thanks to Justin! He is a REAL wizard, he could out "Expecto Petronum" Harry Potter.

- Andra Ruscoe

The Atlanta Dog Wizard is AMAZING and completely worth the money. I had taken my dog Saylor to a couple different trainers before this and nothing worked, but Justin had her acting like the dog I've always dreamed of in just a couple of weeks. I highly recommend The Dog Wizard.

- Lori Proctor

My little baby Bowser is the center of the world for me and my boyfriend!! Bowser is an adorable 65-ish pound pitbull mix from the streets of Atlanta and he's as sweet as it gets. Bowser is full of puppy energy, cuddles, playfulness, and happiness, but he could also be handful to reign in his affection and need for attention. When it was time for training, Justin Hall was my first thought and single option as as a trainer. Not only did Justin work his Wizard magic on Bowser, he also taught my boyfriend and I consistent commands that help us in our daily work with Bowbow. We get so many compliments on Bowser's new manners and our friends have noticed a difference in his demeanor. All of which we attribute to Justin and his training methods. Justin is extremely professional and enthusiastic about his work; you can tell he truly cares about each dog he works with and is passionate about establishing loving homes for them. We're excited to be continuing Bowser's training with Justin and can't wait to start the weekend meet-ups!!

- Schellie Schmals